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Tory Burch Outlet, but just like friends. We like before when friends do not you " bangs covering his eyes, no feelings Yang Yi asked: " he did not do in your heart a little bit different" Motome silence, asking Shadow feeling in my heart, and she could not answer this question altogether. Yang Yi see her silence, just feel in my heart burning ball of fire, hand into a fist fight fiercely on the trunk side. listen Kacha soon, the tree still there, but there just is disconnected from,as long as a little push, it can be parted. "Ah Yi, calm down, and now you are nothing like the usual Yang Yi." Motome frown. listen Motome say, Yang Yi turned his hands on her shoulders and said:. "you make me cool, I think, ah, but how cool this time Motome, I love you, I really really like you. "Then, one put a woman in his arms. Motome do not know how to react,never touched such a thing, no experience. Just then, a man suddenly appeared behind Motome hand to quickly grasp the hand Motome trapping Yang Yi, Yang Yi reflective loosen the embrace, and that people struggle with, that person is not to say that Shadow a. the two of you come to me, do not let anyone who is. looked at that did not stop the trend of two people, Motome depressed, shouted:. "Stop, you two quick stop" well, the two really stopped,shadow back Motome side, eyes still stuck in Yang Yi body.Tory Burch Outlet Motome Yang Yi looked earnestly said: Tory Burch Outlet"Ah Yi, I think you need to calm down, go ahead, have a chance to talk about it." pulled Shadow, quickly left the scene. eat what mood is gone, Motome feel good magic, she even went so far as to a matter before us could not eat the food, and I feel even more depressed. Shadow looked at did not mention the move Motome chopsticks, the more determined the idea to be proactive. done and learn to answer Motome home, Shadow smiled and said:. "We'll talk about it." Motome blinked,nothing to sit down in front of him, waiting for someone openings. Shadow organized under the language, opening: " Motome think I like how this person is a person you can trust." nod, Shadow is very solid, very insecure in his side. looked at her and nodded, Shadow continue to ask: " you do not like it here, ah, do not like to live here, so why not move." "trouble people most of the time anyway, I'm in the game, moving and not moving are nothing."Tory Burch Outlet "how likely are not,these days outside the eyes of those who see our How strange, you certainly can not stand. outside but also what those flowers ah, I have come four or five times, that did not reduce your Did not feel the hassle " nod, it touches. "Given all this, and then move it. house a good point to find, hard to find a good location, right on my first live you can see, my house is relatively large, and where the environment is very good, very clean,you'll love.Tory Burch Outlet " Motome silent, thinking about the feasibility of this matter. Shadow a little selfdeprecating, said: "Do not you agree, too, who told me to do killer was once home perhaps what is not clean, you do not want to also be understood." black line, "You know I did not mean silence, but think it will not be too bothered." "do not bother, it does not bother, and we live together game is also convenient, there are not off the assembly line on what can be said,is not it." seems to be like this. see Motome a little shaken, Shadow redouble their efforts, "I have no friends here, I'll just say exactly you a friend, sometimes a person will feel very lonely. Motome, come." Motome looked at him and smiled, "You're doing so much, I did not say agree, but I also liked you, and move it. cohabitation, after a lot of attention." Having also hand ,back to the other side of the grip. Shadow shocked, really did not expect to say move, smile, holding the hand back and said:Tory Burch Outlet "a lot of attention." heart made a gesture OK. Motome stood up loudly said.